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Whole Bean vs. Ground part 2

Yesterday we discussed one of the advantages of whole bean vs. ground.

Today we look at another advantage.....Shelf life.

Ground coffee has a shorter shelf life than whole bean. Research shows that once the coffee is ground one can expect that fresh taste to last for up to nine days. After this, the air and humidity will start to have their effects on the coffee. If you know you are buying enough for a week supply only, and don't own a nice grinder, then take advantage of your roasters consistent grind. Otherwise, buy whole bean in larger quantities and use the discount to buy a nice conical grinder. It will be worth every penny.

Whole bean coffee on the other hand has a longer shelf life. Whole bean coffee has an approximate 45 day shelf life. If you store the beans well, you should have no problem getting great tasting coffee from your beans cup after cup. Additionally, if you can get your roaster to package each pound individually, and leave the packages sealed until needed, you can stretch this to almost three months.

Happy Grinding....

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