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Our beef is grass fed from pesticide free pastures. We are a closed herd, don't ever use antibiotics and don't give any kind of hormones. We are 100% grass fed meaning we don't use any grain at all, even to finish.

We use a USDA inspected processor.  We process beef 4-6 times per year.


Our shares are approx 100 lbs of beef hanging weight which equals one quarter cow. We carefully manage our herd and Sonia's Animal Science degree and 30+ years experience in animal husbandry helps take the guess work out of raising and processing beef which takes the guess work out of the budget for the consumer. This means that you will get the meat you paid for and the price you expected with no weight surprises. A share is $800 which comes out to $8/lb. This is a bargain considering the price of ground beef not to mention steak cuts, etc.

The beef is cut to order (cut order per processing order form) and includes T-Bones *or* filets and New York Strips, sirloins, ribeyes, roasts, ribs, stew meat and stew bones (stew bones are *always* already cut for you), organ meat (if you desire this), round and cube steak, and of course ground beef. Some cuts can be transferred into ground beef if desired and the cut order as listed above can be modified to personal choice in the *QUARTER* share. IF you are interested in a half or whole cow, there are many more cut possibilities. The cuts are wrapped in butcher paper and wrapped in freezer plastic wrap and frozen. The hamburger comes in 1 lb tubes, steaks are 2 to a package, roasts are 3-5 lbs, stew meat and cube/round steak comes in 1 lb packages. We cannot discount half or whole orders because the processor charges us the same amount.


We also are now offering 25 lb beef boxes as well and those are first come first served. These are priced at market and contain roast, steak, stew meat, crock pot cuts, and ground beef. You can also opt for bones and organ meat. It is a variety so the cuts can vary, but it is not 2nd run or parts...true cuts that are as yummy as our shares get! Do to the nature of the boxes, we cannot specialize of customize them - they are a sample of our beef. They SELL out every time we offer them. These are $195.


To order a share (1/4 or more) you will need to place a $400 deposit for each share with the balance due about ten days before we pick up from our processor. To order a box, you would pay for your box at the time you order. We call you about ten days before the pick up date to confirm. It is your responsibility to pick up your order as we do not have freezer space to store large orders. Pick up is at our farm at 5720 Macland Road.  Designated pick up times are processor dependent and are a 2 hour window generally on a Saturday. Legal jargon: if you do not pick up your order, it will be placed in storage for a fee of $25/day (that is what our processor charges us) and after 5 business days it will be surrendered. Deposits are non-refundable.

You may call us or text us a 770-608-1119 to place your order.  And you may also use our website ordering system under Store and Meat.

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