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We just wanted to update everyone about our farm store products and website products.


Our butter is raw grass fed and the best cotton pickin butter you have ever had. We have butter in stock at the farm store every day (unless sold out) and it is $18 for a 2 lb log. If you want to order it in bulk, you can save a litter moolah and order if from our farm website. Bulk order is 10 lb for $85. You can always get the 2 lb logs here, but if you want lots of butter at a reasonable price, the bulk order is the way to go. The average family of four uses 12 lbs of butter per month to give you an idea of usage.



At the farm store we have 2 kinds of cheese in stock: raw yogurt and cheddar. They come in 1 lb blocks for $10 each. Of course it is raw and grass fed. You can also order 14 lbs of it from our farm store website for $125.



We currently have LOTS of raw goat milk (for pet consumption) at our store. You can come by during farm store hours or order it on the website and text us to let us know when you would like to pick it up. Goat milk is $6 per half gallon. We use half gallons so if you buy a gallon it stays fresher longer because you are only opening one at a time.

Sheep milk will be in stock sometime this week pending some weaning of lambs.

Cow milk will be available after May 25th!!! Yippee!

About our milk: all of our animals are pasture fed with chaffhaye or fodder to supplement. All of our fodder is non GMO non soy grown here on the farm by Robert and our chaffhaye is non GMO as well!


Beef Shares and Boxes

You can find lots of info about these on our Facebook poage at under Notes. Our boxes are available for purchase on our website - these are 25 lb boxes of a variety of cuts and is $195. Our shares are $800 per quarter share with a $400 deposit due at the time you order and the balance due at the time we take your cut order which is about 10 days before pick up. Pick up for both items is here on the farm generally on a Saturday 4-6 times per year. All of our beef is grass fed 100%, no antibiotics and no hormones ever. Let us know if you have any questions. We are almost sold out for June. Once June is sold we will open September.


Honey and Maple Syrup

Finally!  It is here! Honey...raw, local, wildflower...yummy! 12 ounces are $7 and you can order it online or just stop by the store during farm store hours.

Maple, raw, grade B golden goodness! 8 ounces are $9.50 each.


The Usual...

Of course we have eggs, pork sausage, soap, coffee, essential oils, and lots of other items every day. And don't forget our dog food!


Come on by to see us or order online at and thanks for supporting your local farmer!

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