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Hope your spring has sprung and you are having a great one! The farm has been full of new life and busyness! Lambs and kids and baby rabbits and kittens! We had an awesome lamb and kid crop this year. And we have lots to share about other plans!

Our beef box and beef shares for June are almost sold out so get yours now if you had plans to buy either of those. The details and ordering can all be found online at by clicking on Store and then Descriptions for each item.

We have peaches and blueberries for pre-purchase...these ALWAYS sell out. And you can find these also on the website.

Only FOUR more weeks until COW MILK starts flowing at Two By Two Farms! We are so excited! Purchasing will be done first come first served through the website with pick up at the farm during farm store hours for the first 10-14 days while we establish volume. Then we will start the milk CSA. If you are a Veggie CSA holder you will get first dibs on the Milk CSA. We anticipate 20 weekly milk CSA at one gallon for each CSA. The milk will be $9/gallon. Oh happy day!!!

Volunteer Days are coming! We will be having volunteer days at the farm June sign up simply email us yoru interest and how many you might bring. We will have formal signs up once I get an idea of numbers. We hope to install some fencing, re-build a chicken coop, paint some barns, clean up brush and wood piles. And we will supply shirts, snack, and drinks! You can email us at to let us know!

We have LOTS of eggs...chicken, duck, and quail. Chicken eggs are $5/doz, Duck eggs are $10/doz, and Quail eggs are $12/18. Come and get em...and bring your empty containers!

Our farm tours sold out this year and this fall we plan to have more...if you would like to be on the wait list, email us at to be added.

We appreciate everyone's support so much! As we approach our first anniversary, we want to let all our customers know what their support did for the farm this year:

  • We purchased our Angus herd for beef boxes and shares
  • We purchased our herd of dairy sheep and goats
  • We purchased or grew out all our poultry
  • We purchased our fodder system
  • Someone graciously donated our milk machine!!
  • We had seed money to start the farm store
  • We started the Veggie CSA which will eventually supply veggies for 12 families this year and MANY more next year!
  • We hired and pay FOUR part time employees!
  • We have products made or supplied by 6-8 other local farms!



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