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Hi folks. As 2016 is now behind us, we have some things on our heart to share and some announcements. When we moved to the farm years ago, we had a vision in mind to provide farm fresh food - real food - to our FAMILY and sell the rest. And while I (Sonia) did not go into the farm without a clear understanding of what was involved and eyes wide open, the rest of our family was unaware. The amazing growth the farm has experienced shows the true need the community has for real food and farm to table agriculture.

That growth has come at a cost. The cost has been tremendous to our family in ways they were not prepared for. The sacrifice has been great. I do not want my children to sacrifice time with me for the farm store.

The year held many challenges for us including professional and personal. We had a car accident that totaled our paid for Civic...Robert was hit by an uninsured, unlicensed and illegal individual. We of course had uninsured motorist insurance, but I can unequivocally tell you that it does not return you to your pre-accident state. Robert has photography equipment damaged that has never been the same, is still working on replacing stuff, and not to mention the loss of income due to canceled sessions. The car is a whole separate story...we were paid barely blue book value. We are GRATEFUL that no one was seriously injured in the accident and at the same time we must acknowledge that loss.

The next very difficult time was Robert's eye surgery. The accident re-injured his corneal tear and the surgery was successful and traumatic all at the same time. Healing from this has gone well and if it were the only surgery we faced all year, it would have been awesome. I (Sonia) had emergency kidney surgery in April. Recovery went well, but I was not allowed to do a lot around the farm which meant the burden fell on others. I then had a reaction to a steroid shot in my knee (apparently only 3% of people have this kind of systemic reaction) and was very ill (couch bound for weeks.) The steroid shot only bought me a few weeks time to prepare for surgery on my knee. Many know our Ram injured me fairly seriously earlier in the year and I had to have major knee repairs done. That was in July. I am just now feeling like I am getting better from that only to prepare for a second knee surgery. Physical therapy continues and will for about 6-9 months.

On top of all this we have had many financial challenges with the farm that we are not at liberty to share here so we ask that you simply pray for wisdom for us. Some of these challenges have been catastrophic.

The next trauma was the theft of our chickens and feed and hay. We did have a gofundme account started at the request of a friend and people were gracious to give. We only met 12% of our goal. Having said that every little bit helps. We had chicken boxes sold that we still have not fulfilled. Insurance only covered replacement and we are still waiting for those replacements to lay and grow out. Living somewhere that you know you can't protect 24/7 is unnerving to say the least. And knowing that it was someone we knew who likely had a hand in the theft was devastating.

It saddens me to say that we were hit again on a much grander scale last week. Just days before Christmas we discovered that we had theft on the level of thousands of dollars. I cannot discuss this at this time fully except to say the the Dept of Ag and the sheriffs department are giving their attention to this. I will say this is a major set back for us. There is no recovery from this. I wish I could share more details but that can put us at risk for more theft.

Lastly, at an appointment this week with my (Sonia) doctor, he outlined a recovery plan for me that does not include farming on the scale that we have been. This brings us to our announcement. We are CLOSING the farm store. We cannot meet the demand there is in the community without great stress and sacrifice to our family and my health. We do not know how this looks just yet as we have many things to arrange and plan for and covet your prayers.

Our operations for the farm store will cease on January 14th, with that being the last day we are open. All beef box and chicken box orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible. Our available animals will be posted as soon as we have the list together as well as equipment we will have for sale. Until such time as the cows are sold, milk will be available at Nature's Corner Market. Milk will not be available here at the farm after January 14th. If you are interested in the For Sale list, please email us at with Animals in the subject line.

Our family wants to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their years of support. We have had fun getting to know everyone. There have been customers whose support made the next thing on the list possible. There have been some who have not understood our mission and benefited from our education. There have been others who were so integral to our farm that they have become family. Ya'll know who you are and we are grateful. Blessings to you and yours in the New Year. Please pray for us during this transition.

In Him and For His Glory, Robert, Sonia, and the children

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